Viewing and cooking recipes

It's cooking time! This article is all about the main recipe screen that you'll be using each time you decide to cook.

How to cook a recipe

On the Meal Plan screen, tap the card of the recipe you want to cook.

This will bring up the recipe screen. You'l notice that we've organized each recipe so you can cook them as fast as possible without being bogged down by too much information.

Each recipe is broken down into three steps:

1. Find Cookware

Open this tab first and get out all the cookware required. It will save a ton of time (and stress) rather than rummaging around in drawers while you're cooking.

2. Grab Ingredients

Just like you did with the first tab, open this up and get out all the ingredients you'll need. Put them in a large bowl or set them out in front of you and it'll make cooking that much simpler.

3. Cook & Enjoy!

Once you have cookware and ingredients laid out, this tab will be the one you spend the most time in. Follow the simple instructions and you'll have a tasty dish ready to eat in 30 minutes or less!

Marking a recipe as cooked

When you've cooked a recipe, it's important to mark it down as cooked in the app. Why is it important? Because research has shown that people are most likely to finish something that they've already started. Marking a recipe as cooked will fade it out on the Meal Plan screen, thereby giving you a psychological +1 to cook the rest.

You can mark a recipe as cooked in a couple of different ways:

Under any of the tabs Cookware, Ingredients, or Instructions, click the button labelled Mark as cooked.

Or, tap the checkmark on the recipe toolbar:

And when you've cooked all the recipes in your meal plan, the Build your next meal plan button will appear on the Meal Plan screen, giving you a slight nudge to start your next plan. 

We've found these small nudges a great way to help you build a consistent cooking habit, so we hope it works for you!

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