Can I modify an existing meal plan?

Often we receive questions asking how to remove one meal (or more) from a meal plan that has already been created. At this time, there isn't a way to modify your meal plan by adding or removing recipes, changing serving sizes, or changing your eating preferences. 

The reason this is the case is because the meal plan builder (when you're in the process of building a new meal plan) attempts to suggest recipes to you that satisfy a variety of 'objectives'. These objectives include minimizing food waste, optimizing meal plan composition (i.e., not having 5 steak recipes in a plan), a recipe variety factor, several proximity factors that seek to balance how often you see meals, and many more. Modifying a meal plan after one has been created would 'break' these objectives, the most important of which is food waste.
For example, if you were to add or remove a meal from your plan after the plan has been created, this change would introduce food waste into your meal plan. The degree of additional food waste would vary depending on your plan and the recipe that was removed or added, but the end result would be a non-optimized meal plan.
For this reason, modifying a meal plan is not currently possible. Instead, you'll have to  create a new meal plan using the meal plan builder.

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