How to preview recipes when building a meal plan

Note: previewing is currently only available in our mobile apps (iOS, Android). This functionality on our web app will be coming soon. Thanks for your patience!

Sometimes when you're building a new meal plan, you want to preview the recipe to see what it's all about. Perhaps you want to see the instructions, look over the ingredients, take a closer look at the picture, or review the recipe's nutritional information before you choose whether to keep the recipe in your plan or swap it for a new one.
To preview a recipe in the meal plan builder, simply tap on the recipe (make sure to tap; not swipe, as  swiping will swap the meal for a new one). Here's how:

Nutritional information is only available to Pro subscribers, but all Mealime users can preview a recipe and view its Cookware, Ingredients, and Instructions. Also, sharing on Facebook is currently only available on iOS (though this will be coming soon to Android).

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