How to cancel your Pro subscription

This article will explain how to cancel your Mealime Pro subscription.

To cancel your Mealime Pro subscription, please follow the instructions below for the platform you originally subscribed to (iOS, Android, or Web). We're sorry to see you go! If you'd like to let us know why you decided to cancel and suggest ways we could have made the app better for you, please click the Contact Us link below to send us an email. Either way, we really appreciate your support!


Please visit the following link on your iPhone and tap the button Manage your subscriptions.

This should take you to the Subscriptions area in iTunes where you can select Mealime and cancel your subscription.

You can also get to this area by opening the Mealime app, navigating to Settings, tapping the lime illustration followed by Manage subscription.


Open up the Google Play Store on your Android device, then tap  Menu »  Account »  Subscriptions. Find your Mealime subscription and tap  Cancel.


Open up the Mealime web application by visiting and entering your user credentials. Click Settings, then Subscription, then Cancel your subscription. 

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