Editing a meal plan

To edit a meal plan that has already been built (add or remove recipes), please tap the Edit button on the Meal Plan screen:

Editing a meal plan will modify your current meal plan, therefore requiring your grocery list to be replaced. If you've added any items to the list, we'll make sure they're transferred over to the new list. All other items, however, will be overwritten with the items from the edited (new) meal plan. If you've already completed some grocery list items, you may have to do so again after editing your plan.

If this is fine, please tap the Continue editing button in the following prompt:

The meal planner will open next. Feel free to start adding recipes to your plan as per usual. If you'd like to remove a recipe, however, please tap the plan box containing your current meals. This is located at the bottom of the planner:

You can then remove recipes by tapping the red icon to the right of the recipe.

When you're finished editing your plan, tap Done in the lower right-hand corner of the planner. Or if you change your mind and don't want to edit your plan, tap the X icon in the upper left-hand corner of the planner.

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