Viewing recipe nutritional information

Note: nutritional information is currently a Pro feature. To learn more about Mealime Pro, please visit this article.

If you're a Pro subscriber and looking to find out the calories, macronutrient or micronutrient breakdown of a recipe, look no further! Nutritional information is available to you wherever you find recipes in the app: in your Meal Plan, in your Favorites, and in the Meal Plan Builder ( when previewing a recipe).

Mobile (iOS and Android)

Meal Plan & Favorites

Tap on a recipe to open it, then tap on the More button, then, tap  Nutrition facts in the action sheet .

Here's what the nutrition page looks like:


Meal Plan & Favorites
Click on a recipe to open it, then click on the Nutrition Facts button located underneath the recipe image. Click More nutrition facts for full nutritional details.

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