Allergen warnings

Mealime currently supports 10 allergens that can be selected in Settings » Eating Preferences. We've built an allergen warning system into the grocery list, to make sure that when you're shopping for your meal plan, you don't purchase any ingredients that may contain allergens.

The first time you visit your grocery list (and only if there are any possible allergens in the required ingredients) you'll see a warning message at the top. Here's what it looks like (tap 'Got It' to dismiss):

The message tells you to watch out for any ingredients that contain the following icon:

If you see this icon, this means that some versions of the ingredient (depending on the food manufacturer, factory, etc) may contain an allergen you've selected. Open the extra ingredient details screen for more information:

This screen will detail which allergens to watch out for, and contains additional information about the ingredient:

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