Choosing your allergies and restrictions

Mealime currently offers 10 different allergies & restrictions:

  1. Shellfish-free
  2. Fish-Free
  3. Gluten-Free
  4. Dairy-Free
  5. Tree Nut-Free
  6. Peanut-Free
  7. Soy-Free
  8. Egg-Free
  9. Sesame-Free
  10. Mustard-Free

Choosing / Changing Your Allergies & Restrictions

You can choose any restrictions when signing up and can change your selection anytime. To change your allergies & restrictions (or view our available allergies & restrictions) open up the app and navigate to Settings. Then tap Your eating preferences.

Next, select any of the available options under heading Allergies & Restrictions.

Lastly, the changes won't take effect until you create a new meal plan. When you're done cooking your current meal plan, tap New or the Build Your Next Meal Plan buttons on the Meal Plan screen to build yourself a newly updated meal plan with your new eating preferences!

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